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About Us

We think pants are awesome. and we think space is awesome. So, like nuts and gum, we decided they should be together at last. We are the design and creation team responsible for this signature collection of leggings, featuring images from space sourced from NASA and the Hubble Telescope.

Design & manufacturing are done in Toronto & Montreal. 

Our core belief is this:

We think space explorers should be rockstars, and space exploration should take precedence over other things that grab the public's attention, like Bieber. By wearing our space pants, you can join us on this mission to increase knowledge of space, of what’s out in the great unknown, and educate others about the galaxies you are proudly wearing.

We want you to strut in these pants. People will stop you on the street and exclaim "I love your pants!” and it is up to YOU to educate the people you meet about what galaxy you are repping and why they should care.

Lets do our part and contribute by wearing pants that educate people about how awesome our universe is.